Sizzling Summer Treatments

Sizzling Summer Treatments

Ready to expose areas like your legs and underarms to summer sun without worrying when was the last time you shaved? And how about your skin? Is it as firm and smooth as you'd like, especially since skincare is doubly important when out in harmful UV rays? If you've put off routines and now summers here, then we've got your back. Belle Sante Med Spa can take away all of your concerns with our array of treatments and services so you can focus on looking fabulous and having fun.



Getting your body summer-ready breaks down into three big catergories: Your weight, your hair, and your skin! But of these, how your body looks is one of the most important and one people tend to struggle with the most.  Whether it's those few extra covid pounds you swore you were going to drop or you've completely skipped out on the gym, there's still ways you can shed some unwanted weight for an amazing look.  Services like Coolsculpting zeroes in on those stubborn areas and freezes away the small bits of unwanted flab, while Emsculpt eliminates fat and adds muscle in a single area.  Neither requires downtime so you don't have to wait to show off your slender frame. 



Nobody wants to undress down to their swimsuit or slip on a pair of shorts and suddenly notice all of the regrown hair or missed spots. While shaving is often tedious and can easily leave little hairs behind, Laser Hair Removal reduces the follicles even peach puzz.  With this method you can say goodbye to hair for a lot longer and still have soft, smooth skin along your legs, arms, back, and more.  We provide treatments on small or large sections in packages of six treatments.


Let's not forget about your skin! When your body is good to go and hair removal is managed, it's time to think about your skin. Sure you can forget sunscreen one day and end up with a major burn, but there's more to it than just having excellent SPF - though you should never go without it.  Come into Belle Sante Med Spa for our HydraFacial that detoxifies and takes out any impurities, leaving behind fresh balanced skin. There's also our selection of customized facials, Fire & Ice Facial, and rejuvinating peels that repair your skin and make it look healthy and youthful during all of your summer adventures!

At Belle Sante Med Spa we have everything you need for a total overall this summer, so call today to schedule with our excellent and professional staff -- 260-436-6900! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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