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Have those subtle changes in your face become not so subtle anymore, as you see smile lines that have become grooves and fine lines that have become wrinkles? Today’s dermal fillers are an excellent alternative to painful plastic surgery. Dermal fillers create a more youthful, utterly natural appearance. Belle Santé Med Spa in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is ready to perform your makeover in under one hour. You’ll leave the office minus those deep facial lines. Call or book an appointment online today with Belle Santé Med Spa.

Fillers Q & A

What are facial fillers?

Facial fillers smooth out facial folds and wrinkles, giving you a youthful and natural appearance without having to undergo plastic surgery. Belle Santé Med Spa uses the patented filler Restylane®, which contains hyaluronic acid, the magic ingredient that rejuvenates your skin.

You already have hyaluronic acid in your body: It’s in your skin tissue and some cartilage and joints, so it’s safe and natural. All Restylane fillers are FDA-approved.

What areas of the face do Restylane fillers rejuvenate?

Restylane Lyft adds plumpness back into your cheeks and helps resolve those smile lines that go from your nose to your mouth.

Restylane Silk adds subtle fullness to your lips and helps remove the lines around them. Silk is the first FDA-approved treatment for adding lip fullness and smoothing out wrinkles around your mouth. Patients must be 21 or older for this treatment.

Restylane Refyne smooths out mild to moderate smile lines as well as ‘marionette’ lines that form creases below your mouth.

Restylane Defyne works on deep smile lines and those marionette lines while leaving you with a natural expression and avoiding the tight skin and ‘pulled back’ look that can happen with too much plastic surgery.

Both Refyne and Defyne are made with XpresHAn Technology™ that keeps your natural look when you smile.

What happens during an appointment for a facial filler?


Belle Santé Med Spa’s professionals consult with you about the areas of your face you’d like to change. They assess those areas and explain how the fillers are going to work.

You’ll see before and after photos of the areas you want to improve, as your aesthetician takes photos of your face and marks points where she’ll make the injection.

Sanitizing and Numbing

Your aesthetician cleans the site using an antibacterial solution. Depending on what you prefer, she can provide anesthetic ointment or a cold instrument to numb the area.


Your experienced aesthetician makes the injection at the site, gently massages it, assesses your appearance, and adds more filler if needed. Depending on areas you’d like treated, the process takes between 15 minutes up to an hour.


Your aesthetician cleans the pre-injection marks and offers you an ice pack if you’d like one. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers for a day or so, although most patients don’t need them. Get ready for compliments!

Call or book an appointment online with Belle Santé Med Spa for your non-surgical facial rejuvenation.