Need some help losing the Holiday weight?

When diet and exercise just aren't enough to achieve that desired bikini body, many look to alternative coures of action.  However, many options require time off from work or involve invasive surgeries that not only limit daily actiivies, but also demand an adequate healing time. Luckily, there is a non-surgical approach you can take......Coolsculpting!


With Coolsculpting, fat is reduced by literally freezing the fat cells away.  With some pressure and inetense cold, this cooling process targets unwanted fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.  As the initial symptoms of the procesure ease into numbing sensation, the frozen fat cells are not longer viable and become crystallised.  Within two to four months the dedad fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body.  


For the time spent at the gym during a single workout, one coudl dqueen in a treatment of Coolsculpting and the rstults will be far more noticable!  Call us today for a free consulation and start shedding those Holiday pounds soon!

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